Big Summer Fun update…!

June is here, and adventure is afoot!  We are thrilled to be featured on the late-May roundup of new releases at!  Our thanks run especially deep when we see the traffic this feature brings to our Bandcamp site.

Talk about reach!  We see visits from all over– Spain, Denmark, the UK, France, and Japan. Thanks, AbsolutePowerPop!

Also, we are looking forward to summer shows.  Here’s a rundown, with more in the works:
July 15th: @TestPatternWS (Winston-Salem)
July 27th: @petrasbar Charlotte
August 16th: @SnugRock CharlotteAs always, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and say hello any time!



Thanks, Verbicide!

Some nice press from Verbicide magazine.  Thanks, Verbicide!

Great summation of ‘Cake + Flames’ from the piece there, (which includes a stream of “Theme Song“):

These guys display a refreshingly authentic brand of rock music embracing tenants of ‘80s and ‘90s power pop, namely loud guitars and melodic rhythms. Eschewing the overproduction common in many contemporary releases, their debut, Cake + Flames, is a celebration of economy of motion, without a wasted note.

Get the Word Out…

We’re just a few days from our Bandcamp download release and in the middle of our presale, and I’m happy to report some cool press is starting to happen.

There’s this, a feature in the UK music site Lights Go Out... with an mp3 download of “Girl, Behold”.  And this week, we received some mix love on one of my favorite music sites, The Vinyl District.

Glad that the music is getting a chance to be heard, and excited for Friday’s release!

Charlotte-Snug Harbor-02/03/17

Of note, our Charlotte debut this past Friday, at Snug Harbor.  Didn’t know it then, but it preceded by a dayBlack Sabbath’s last show, ever.  So, Happy/Sad night.