Party Battleship is 100 years old.

Collectively, that is.

The seasoned foursome’s combined playing and recording experiences do add up to that. We have all been at it since our teens or twenties, and are now all in our forties. We’d like to think we are the coolest middle-aged band in Charlotte.

Together, we make a sound devoted to elements of rock, new wave, punk, and post-punk, big on guitars, melody, and harmony. Experience here translates into force: our songs describe the coordinates of idiosyncratic lives and emotional perspectives, nested within a powerful, 100% rock-and-roll framework.

Here’s more info on each of us:

Donnie Merritt is a talented musician and visual artist, in addition to playing drums and percussion and singing in PB. He has been in Lodestar, Mighty Pro-jet. Tyre Fyre, and recently Mark Crozer and the Rels.

John Morris is a Charlotte staple, a renowned arranger, and a veteran of the 90’s rock bands Come on Thunderchild, electro-LUXE, the cover band Nitehawk, the venerable Snagglepuss (how he met Shalini) and his own band Tyre Fyre, who released “Let it Burn” in 2004. He is a singer, songwriter, arranger, driving force, and multi-instrumentalist in PB.

Shalini Morris started playing out in 1987 with Kissyfish, peers of the Onion founders in Madison WI. She has appeared as a guest musician on Game Theory and Loud Family releases, and played in incarnations of Mitch Easter’s various bands (2002 – 2010). She had her own band Vinyl Devotion from 1994-1999, releasing an EP and LP on Widely Distributed Recs and Parasol, respectively. She went on to form the “Shalini” combo with full length releases on the Parasol, Dalloway, and Paisley Pop records labels. She plays guitar in PB and is the primary songwriter. This is her eighth commercial release.

Adam Roth has played in: Bellglide, recording and playing extensively, and also Catch Fire, and recently Mark Crozer and the Rels. He plays bass and sings in PB.

Party Battleship’s debut, “Cake + Flames”, was released in March of 2017.    Check out this teaser on Verbicide.com.

Party Battleship resides in Charlotte, NC.  Please give us a hello at contact@partybattleship.com

Donnie Merritt: Drums and percussion
Shalini Morris: Electric guitar, 12-string guitar, bass, 12-string bass, vocals
John Morris: Keyboards, organ, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Adam Roth: bass